Ann Trott

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Artist Statement

I began working in clay in 1985, producing mostly functional stoneware. While working on my MA in 1990, I encountered the processes of low fire raku and high fire Japanese porcelain, both of which appealed to me. The porcelain because of its purity and smooth surface which compliments my preference for simple forms; the raku process because of the excitement and immediacy of the firing , and the unpredictability of the results.

Recently I have been working on a series of wheel thrown and altered organic forms inspired by seed pods.  By “organic” I mean that there is no preconceived end product , the piece evolves intuitively.  I have also begun experimenting with saggar firing , a process that involves firing pieces within a container filled with combustible materials inside the kiln.  Like raku, this firing  produces variable results depending on the combustibles used, placement of the pieces, and other whims of nature.

Throwing on the wheel is a meditative process for me allowing the experience of flow and connection. My love of movement and dance has been and continues to be a strong influence on all of my clay forms.

Contact Information

Ann Trott

1726 Callejon Emilia
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone: 505-660-7219