Carolyn Efner

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Artist Statement

I throw pots so I can shape the final curves and play with creating more unusual glaze colors. High fire crystal glazes must be hand mixed since there is almost nothing available commercially. All of my work is fired to Cone 9 with a special crystal cooling cycle. Catchers must sit under the pieces to catch the run-off glaze. Then the catchers must be removed and the bottoms of the pieces re-smoothed by grinding. Crystal glazing is an art–not a science. Firing is always a gamble. On taking the pots out of the kiln into the sunshine–it can be Christmas morning or an oh-*#!!.

Before moving to Santa Fe, I sold hand-built pottery at the Bartlesville, Oklahoma, OK Mozart festival gift shop. Now I throw pots and experiment with new forms and glazes. I have improved my throwing skills by taking some clay courses at Santa Fe Community College and have enjoyed selling at their pottery shows. I have also sold at NMPCA events and at the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos. I have my work at the Conley Studio Pottery Gallery in Madrid.

My assistants are: my daughter, Louisa, who is my website guru and has a knack for picking colorants in our hand made glazes and enjoys painting designs on my pots; and my husband, Howard, a retired chemist, who assists with glaze creation and is my kiln operator.

I am a retired computer programmer, gardener, photographer and cook. 

Carolyn Efner

Contact Information:

30 Camino Caballos Spur
Lamy, NM 87540
505 466 3870