Dan Cappacio

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Artist Statement

I do what I do to express an idea of oneness with the elements, earth, air, water, fire, and to make a thing beautiful to hold use and look at, in fact the things we make you can look at forever.

I got into this work by looking. Looking in museums. Looking in our travels, and wondering…

I am self taught essentially (as everyone is). 4 years in Ventura at Oxnard College in California, we learned to make classic forms. An association of friendship with Otto Heino in Ojai, who we admire greatly, and on going classes with the most wonderful and talented people working in clay here in New Mexico, including Betsy Williams, Judy Nelson-Moore, and Jane Warsaw.

Often our influence is Asian inspired. Shibui, both rough and smooth, slightly irregular. Isn’t everything “off to the side”? My plates and bowls could have been found on a hiking trip, a quiet walk through somewhere.

Contact Information:

Dan Capaccio
1729 8th Street, Las Vegas, NM 87701