Eileen Gorman

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Artist Statement

The earth is made of the sand, stone and water, and these make up the landscapes. These key components also become components of clay. Clay can be turned into nature again for display in the landscape. My work is inspired by nature on both grand and extremely small scales.  The special geological features of the world, particularly mountains and large vistas are one source of inspiration. My ceramic forms are intended to be installations, in the landscape; but serve as interior accents also. The sculptures provide a focal point, i.e. work inspired by the landscape, to be displayed in the landscape, reminding us to be aware of the need to conserve precious resources. Creating work, evoking vistas and visions, I focus on hand building in clay, with ceramic sculptures, reliefs and, less frequently, functional work decorated with landscape themes. The high temperature of the firing process used can be highly unpredictable and variable.  This work for display in the landscape seems more and more important with every passing day. Landscaping in some locations, such as an arid climate, using a sculptural focal point that needs no water, inspiring contemplation, is important.  Using durable stoneware that can withstand weather changes and ranges makes it possible to enhance the local view and honor the natural scenes. Functional and relief work made with similar inspiration and materials, also provides opportunities to explore nature and landscapes on a smaller scale. These can be explored and displayed where space is more limited, and can move concepts forward. www.eileenggorman.comEileen Gorman in her Santa Fe New Mexico studio

Contact Information:

Eileen G. Gorman Eileen Gorman Clay LLC Phone: 505 473 2703 email: Call to arrange a studio tour, or to see specific work.