Esther Ann Smith

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Artist Statement

The act of creating is necessary for my survival in this world.  It ranks among food, sleep, touch, and love; without it, I would fail to thrive.  Thus, I make work which excites me; work that makes me feel truly alive.

Working with clay is a natural, instinctive process.  Its soft, workable nature lures me in; it invites me to push, to pull, to form.  When throwing pieces on the potter’s wheel, I hope to expose within them the soft quality inherent in the clay.  This is done by attending to the interior space, the curves that create the profile, and finishing the lip of the pot with care. My pots are rooted in the tradition of functional pottery, which encourages touch, use, and engagement.

Through making beautiful objects for daily use I hope to create potential for transformation in the user, arousing joyful awakening. There may be more appreciation of the object being used, the process it took to create it, the food and drink consumed, and even one’s surroundings.  The act of nourishing one’s body can evolve into something that serves more purposes than the primary physical need, affecting the quality of life.  At the same time, I strive to satisfy my innate need to create and bring forth new life, in ceramic form.

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