Juanita Dunn

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Artist Statement

I have joyfully created with clay for about ten years after primarily working in textiles as both a weaver and a silk painter. I am always drawn to texture and the layering of colors that is possible with silk dyes and try to capture that feel with my clay surfaces. Weaving and yarns are all about feel while silk painting is all about color. My love of these two elements  of textiles has influenced my work with clay.
I work with layering of colors with multiple coats of under glaze and washes applied over engobes. I frequently use dry powdered clay pressed into the wet  Additional under glazes are applied and are often finished with an oxide wash. Whether human, flora, or fauna. I try to make sure each piece is unique and shows attitude or personality.
I am mostly self taught but I have studied under some extremely talented teachers including Jack Earl, Roxanne Swentzell, Debra Fritts and others. I love the workshop format as I will usually be looking for a specific technique or an answer to a specific question. They are focused and immediate and I frequently learn as much from other participants as from the instructor. Once a week I open my studio to friends who want to explore clay without the commitment of a semester class or the purchase of expensive equipment they may never use. I love these days of sharing time together and introducing people to the art of working with clay.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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