Karen Milstein

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Artist Statement

Clay is a balancing and healing medium for me which provides an opportunity for work and play. This contrasts refreshingly with my professional work, training, and orientation as psychologist, psychotherapist and shaman/healer, which I also tremendously enjoy. However, the latter involves a great responsibility to others. As Malka the Potter, I can bring my healing intention and creativity into the physical world in a more spontaneous, immediate, and free fashion.

The process of creating with clay is enriched by my Kabbalistic understanding of the formative act as a reflection of the original creation of our universe. Over the past number of years, I have focused on making micaceous vessels. I love the feel and the very essential quality of this clay, along with the hands-on immediacy of being able to smoke-fire it in my own fireplace! In appearance it is very intriguing, with its subtle mica sparkles. I experience the containers I create as holders of nourishment and supporters of spirit. Some are of traditional form, and others more contemporary and experimental. They are marvelous for cooking!

More recently, I sometimes add found roots, turquoise and ancient Anasazi shards to my work, honoring the geography and history of the area where I began to work with clay.

My intention is for all my pieces, whatever their form, to embody a healing and spirit-elevating quality.
Karen Milstein

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13 Blue Jay Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87506