Kathy Cyman

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Artist Statement

I create functional forms intended for use, with true porcelain clay on the potter’s wheel. It would only be possible for me to achieve the results by practicing ‘the way of creating porcelain vessels from Arita, Japan.’ I began this study almost thirty years ago now. ..I like to think that I have learned a little, but realize that it may take several life times.  Mainly this practice has taught me how to live and reach to be my best.  There’s a mystical element to creating with porcelain within this tradition that connects me to the past and present at the same time when I’m at the wheel. The traditional practice brings structure to my work, that I often feel compelled to depart from. This I hope results in something uniquely from this time and place, that becomes something else through our interaction.

Contact Information

Professor of Practice
Arita Porcelain Vessels  Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
University of New Mexico