Lilian Turner-Gracie

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Artist Statement

Ideas come from endless sources : dreams and nightmares, observation and fantasy, science and nature or … the unexpected. Sometimes the media is reason enough to create in itself. Or an idea demands what materials should be used. There is the excitement of surprise and alchemy in working with clay. You never completely know what the what the result of your work will be until it comes out of the kiln transformed by the intense heat.

I have worked with clay and painted for many years, exploring many all kinds of imagery from realism to abstrction and working in both 2D and 3D. Tile and sculpture are good blends of these for me. They combine color, composition and texture extending these elements by taking 2D images into 3D form.

Some of my work incorporates architectual themes. Old buildings and architectural details have always interested me. In some of the tile and collages on panels, the exterior facade of a building is shown with brief glimpses of moments in the lives inside as seen when passing by. The images can become surreal with partial views of people and furniture, like capturing a moment in a play with no sound- as though through a partly opened curtain on a stage.

Contact Information:

2 Arroyo Canyon Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87508