Marilu Tejero

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Artist Statement

I graduated with B.A.Honours In Ceramics Desing at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions both in USA and Australia. My work can be seen in Albuquerque: The Gallery ABQ at Hoffmantown Center, 8210 Menaul Blvd; Bright Rain in Old Town; Santisima in Poco a Poco Patio, Old Town, and Weyrich Gallery.  And other places: Galeria de Artistas of Scotsdale, in Scottsdale, AZ; Karen Melfi Collections in Santa Fe, NM.

I aspired to create a body of work that had a strong South American feeling with archeological qualities. To achieve this, I invented a culture called “PIMACHI”. which has an “archeological site”. It is here where I “find” my sculptures. I am inspired in childhood memories, the environment where I was born, a strong awareness of the tremendous wealth of the American cultures. Visions of ancient  temples, weathered walls with lichen and fungii growth, distorting the once beautiful designs on bright and earthy colours.

I´ve been specially attracted  to the cult of the fertility goddesses and the female figure. The young and fresh bodies, the pregnant ones and the mature and aging bodies.  The ones that in our minds, we would like to have and the sagging and rubenesque figures we see around. These aspects were carefully researched and became the basis for my work.

Colour and visual texture are priorities of my studio work. Through extensive research into dry glazes I have an inmense palette of incredible colours. The sculptures are treated with layers of “visually reactive “ slips and different coats of glazes. Multifired up to six times or till I am absolutely thrilled.

I´m  priviledged to work in a clay studio everyday, to share my knowledge with other interested adults and children.  This is my life. Clay is my love. This is my gift to the world.

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