Nicole Renee Peters

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Artist Statement

I create from my heart. Emotions and feelings channeled through my hands, my fingertips, kneading and stroking the clay. I care about creating pieces that are emotionally moving, sensual, and often dynamic. Textural. Most of the forms that emerge are shaped this way by my hands, as the primary sculpting tools. I would like for viewers to really get into themselves and FEEL when they come into contact with my work. I draw upon relationships between the self and the other, inter-connections between all beings and aspects of the natural world. Many of my sculptures are conceived and executed through exploration of pushing materials in unconventional ways. I enjoy the process as much as the end result and I really love clay for it’s freeing properties. My work is fluid, organic, loose. Like an impassioned, emotionally charged mad scientist, I allow inspiration to guide me in testing the limits of my creative hypotheses and the boundaries of the materials. Connected to these Earth bodies and the whole of the natural world and cosmos…My work is Elemental, if anything…I am enamored with exploring the multitude of ways that a few common shapes in all of nature repeat over and over again, combined in countless expressions. From the microscopic world to the macroscopic, we are all inter-connected. I am deeply moved by this beauty and intelligence. And very inspired by forms found in nature, particularly in the ocean, fluidity, and by human anatomy and physiology. I seek to convey unconventional beauty. Highly expressive, emotional and sensual- A recurrent theme in my work is: Finding incredible strength and freedom by allowing oneself to reside in vulnerability and risk-taking.

Contact Information

Elemental Clay Works

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