Pat Marsello

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Artist Statement

I first became a potter to have a canvas for my painting. I envisioned white clay wall hangings with strong strokes of black brushwork. But after my first clay class in 1990, I fell in love with clay, with the silky feel of it in my hands, with the way I could build anything I could imagine. I was seduced by its memory, its dark humor, its forgiveness. I dreamt about it, took more classes, cleared out my greenhouse for studio space and bought a wheel, a slab roller, and a kiln. I pestered my teacher, Lou D’Amico for oxide recipes that would mimic the lushness of ground ink, clear glaze recipes that wouldn’t blur my strokes, and clay bodies that would accept my touch and turn into what I envisioned. He helped me solve these issues and I became a full- time potter. Twenty-six years later I am still learning how to throw, how to build, how to paint. Now I combine clay with paper, wood and metal, and try to keep to simple forms, efficient but not lacking, deliberate, yet also spontaneous. And I teach brushwork and hand building with clay every winter. It is a life-long love affair I will always be part of.

Mariposa Gallery, Albuquerque. New Mexico

Weems Gallery, Albuquerque. New Mexico

Being There, Albuquerque. New Mexico

Yabi Sabi, Taos, New Mexico

Contact Information:

2708 Candelaria Rd NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87107