Sara Lee D’Alessandro

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Artist Statement

I work in hand wrought clay, and with the resulting forms and the scale emerging from this process.   The process of forming is organic, and so resulting forms may resemble what are seen in Nature, but are not derivative of them.      My hands form the clay: the clay informs my hands.  All sculptures are unique, begun from scratch. 

Large (personable in scale) outdoor sculpture, or statuary, may be seen at the Mudwasp Sculpture Site in Cuba, NM, just off Route 550.    These sculptural forms, existing in the same space and often standing on the same ground as the viewer, elicit a tableau vivants experience with those in proximity. They are forms, not silhouettes, and they satisfy a need to appreciate mass and volume.

Visits to the studio are welcome by appointment.

Contact Information:

Mudwasp Sculpture Site  (a drive-by experience, viewed from your vehicle)

32 Reed Road
Cuba, NM  87013

Website: mudwasp