Seri Inez Kotowski

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Artist Statement

Born: In a vacuum.
Named: Sheri Inez Kotowski
Re-Named: Serit
Currently: Breathing

Intention: Live life to the fullest and ultimately leave only beauty in my wake.

Past lives: Cat, 9Xs. Student, teacher, caretaker, gardener, dabbler, dancer, lover, nurse, mother, maker, sailor, voyeur, child, adult, rebel, fool, creator, destroyer, loner, hermit, daredevil, heartbreaker, earth shaker, firebrand, warrior, idiot, chicken shit… to name a few in no particular order.

The Thread: Artist and Participant.

My profound ignorance fascinates me as much as my luminosity. My courage, fortitude and sheer will continues, adding piece by piece, sometimes working in the vacuum of desperation to convey to who, what? To you, to them, to me, to the heaven and the earth this life long exploration that is impossible to grasp and without words. And with my bare hands make out of earth, air, fire and water things that will eventually melt back into the earth again, and again.

Contact Information:

Studio:  Serit del Bosque
Taos New Mexico