Sheryl Zacharia

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Artist Statement

As a child I was captivated by old things. I realize now it was the handmade quality that attracted me. My clay works are influenced by the material itself, its history and the intimacy of its interaction with the hand and touch. This is why my surfaces reveal the process; and the process becomes the surface.             

The intention of my art is not to tell a story, but to create objects that influence and enhance the space around them, evoking an emotional response. Ancient relics, modern paintings and nature are what most inspire my work. The textured, patterned and linear details help the eyes travel deliberately around the forms. I find the combination of raw and refined surfaces echoes the inevitable marriage of new and old. The abstract shapes and painted surfaces are influenced by my music and painting backgrounds, Pattern and form are rhythm, palette is harmony, lines and shapes are lyrical. When I see beauty in life or art I want to repeat it somehow in a unique and meaningful way. I’m striving to make visual poetry.

Contact Information

Sheryl Zacharia

Santa Fe, New Mexico