Tomás R. Wolff

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Artist Statement

When I make a clay pot I am satisfying my own need to express myself and to enjoy the simple relationship between shapes, textures and spaces created. Like ancient artists who discovered pottery-making over 10,000 years ago, I want to connect intimately with the basic earth material which is clay.

I look at the concave and convex lines that outline the vessel’s shape (the bottom curving out and the top rim flaring in) and attempt to construct them in a manner that is pleasing to me first, and then, hopefully, to others, too. I love the organic sensual shapes of vegetables, fruits and flowers, and in my pottery making I attempt to emulate them. Some art theorists believe there is a perfect ratio which defines how those opposing (or complementary) lines make a beautiful pot, but the ancient pottery makers found the perfect shape by experience and primitive instinct. It is that primitive instinct that I am exploring, that state of intuitive space where natural  beauty is realized.

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Tomas Wolff

Tomas Wolff

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